Aug 11, 2010

Goofball of the Week

We here at Nanoburgh have long been critical of the raging DUI/DWI hysteria, feeling that the scorched earth enforcement and prosecution campaign against drinking & driving is a bad and dangerous combination of liberal do-good'ism and conservative puritanical'ism.

Is getting behind the wheel of a car a good idea? No. But neither is the 'destroy lives at all cost' mindset when is is directed at first time offenders, supported by phony logic that should be used as an example of statistical propaganda in every Research Methods 101 course in universities worldwide.

The real problem -- and this is verified by the hard data -- is with the problem drinker, not with the receptionist who had three glasses of wine at the office Christmas party.

On that we should all agree, and rise in support of programs and punishments that are directed towards this segment of the population that is the real danger, as defined by those that are repeat offenders.

Exhibit A is this week's Goofball.

He is John Sgorrano of Moreau (almost sounds like moron, doesn't it?). Mr S. was arrested this week in Glens Falls for his -- hold on to your hats -- EIGHTH DWI infraction. Yes; EIGHTH.

There's an obvious problem somewhere in the system to let this guy get behind a steering wheel. Wow....


Anonymous said...

8? U said 8, right?

Anonymous said...

The Goof dude looks like my father in law. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

He isn't a goof ball addiction is a disease and I know he is a good person actually. I loved him25 years ago and yes he drank and apparently needed grave interventionist. I think people are so judgemental