Aug 9, 2010

A Hero is Born

Meet Steven Slater.

His occupation: flight attendant for Jet Blue.

Apparently, Mr Slater got into a hassle on this evening's Pittsburgh to NYC flight. It seems a passenger was dead set on getting into the overhead compartment, despite warnings. Finally, a bag fell out and hit Steven in the head.

Demanding an apology from the offender fell on deaf ears. Well, that was the last straw.

A tirade over the PA system ensued in place of the normal buckle up for landing instructions. But it was after the plane got to the terminal that the real fun began.

Slater reportedly grabbed a cold brewski from the galley, popped open the emergency door, slid down the now-deployed escape slide, and proceeded to his car in the parking lot for the short ride to his home in nearby Belle Harbor.

Now there's an exit that would make your best vaudeville performer rise in salute.

We do the same here at Nanoburgh. Mr Slater, on behalf of all fed up service workers, we salute you!

(Something tells me this guy will be needing both a lawyer and an agent in the next few days)


Citizen Nancy said...

So we do have something in common. Love how you found a pic of this guy. LOL

Nanoburgh? said...

Additional information available this morning:

- After getting to the tarmac, he removed his tie and tossed it to the gound. This begs the question of "was it a clip-on?"

- When the boys in blue came to get him at his residence, he was in the midst of intimate relations with his partner, who happens to be a man. Someone mentioned that many flight attendants are gay. I never knew...

- The NYC media, naturally is all over this thing, out on full force for his perp walk and camped outside his home.

The prediction here: Letterman.

PS said...

Wow! Only in NY, only in NY! That's why we love it so.

Maxi Me said...

I love it

Anonymous said...

Homo say what?
Excuse me?
Homo say what?

Citizen Nancy said...

Nanoburgh: FYI gay men do not wear clip on ties, they have more self respect than that. You should have known he was gay by the pix. It was obvious. Just saying.

Nanoburgh? said...

Ummm, yah.

I've been on enough airplanes to have figured that one out by now.
Without even needing to see the pix!

Anonymous said...

Don't humor him, or others that are sure to follow.

Anonymous said...

Well they say
That time loves a hero
But only time will tell