Aug 9, 2010

Wait. McSorley's has flies in the kitchen?

Watch out all you local trendoids that are skipping over to the new Shake Shack at the race track. The Manhattan location of the fledgling restaurant chain received 30 health code violation points in its initial inspection.

Several other high profile eateries also took a hit, including hotshot Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles; and the famed White Horse Tavern.

But the only joint on the list that we here at Nanoburgh care about is our favorite East Village haunt, McSorley's Ale House. If you've ever visited there yourself, you're not likely bowled over by this news. Actually, what's always amazed me is how they get away with their "just dip it once into the standing water" means of cleaning the rapidly churning beer mugs.

Quoted in the New York Post with his reaction, McSorely's owner Matthew Maher gave the situation the old New York fuggetaboutit:

"They come in on a busy Friday afternoon. What do they expect the place to look like?" he said. "We had a few flies in the kitchen. What are you going to do -- chase flies around with a net and keep crowds waiting?"

I think not, Matthew. Fuggetaboutit, indeed. I'll have no reservations ordering the house special plate of hash to go along with my 2/$4.50 (you can only order in pairs) dark brews, thank you very much. Keep 'em coming, right over here at the bar, goddamit!

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Garth said...

I think the chick in the photo at the bar is about ready to hurl. Most excellent.